People Per Hour – An effective Platform for Business Development?

There’s way too much information on the internet about making money online. Some people are offering paid courses. Some have dedicated blogs on teaching how to make money online. The truth is there’s no magical way of making an income stream from the internet, as most people think. If you have some sort of skills that you can use to get a real job. Such as graphics designing, content writing, programming, marketing, advertising etc.

You offer these skills online in one way or another in exchange for money. The internet does not pay you in mysterious ways. It is only that the communication is easier through the internet. So, you get a broader market to find clients who need your skills and are ready to pay you in return. There are quite a few online platforms that help the skilled people connect with the clients. Some of the most famous platforms are Upwork,, Fiverr, and People Per Hour.

We are talking about People Per Hour today:

People Per Hour - The Online Media
People Per Hour is one of the best networks for freelancers. Since up work is not entertaining the newcomers as much anymore. Everyone should move to this platform without thinking twice.

Good things about People Per Hour:
The good thing about People Per Hour is you get to bid on the projects like any other platform.

Not so fancy?

You also get to post Hourlies (Small Jobs like Gigs on Fiverr).

What now?

This platform is the combination of Fiverr and all other platforms. Another great thing about People Per Hour is their support for the new freelancers. They promote you and get you in front of the potential clients for first few months until you finish two jobs.

What about the promotions after two months?
There is a promotion feature as well in PPH which is like Facebook boost. It is to promote your Hourlies and your profile as well by investing a few dollars.

Whether you are a content writer, programmer, designer, marketer, or offer any service. People Per Hour is the best platform on the internet right now to get the clients and work. Even if you are running a business, PPH is a valuable channel to add to your BD strategy. The only downside is PPH is not letting us create company accounts for now so I have created it with my own name. That’s the only downside we agency owners face with PPH right now.

If you are willing to register right now, our referral can also get £30 in your account for promotions on PPH later. Click the People  Per Hour image below to start your freelancing journey.

People Per Hour - The Online Media


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