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People Per Hour – An effective Platform for Business Development?

There’s way too much information on the internet about making money online. Some people are offering paid courses. Some have dedicated blogs on teaching how to make money online. The truth is there’s no magical way of making an income stream from the internet, as most people think. If you have some sort of skills […]

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Facebook’s Friend Request Feature. (Good News)

There is a good news for people who receive too many unwanted friend requests. Facebook has introduced an amazing friend request feature to save you time that you spend on deleting unwanted requests. As per this new feature, all the unaccepted friend requests will be deleted automatically after 14 days. Facebook has introduced a new feature. […]

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Be Your Own Boss

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value – Albert Einstein”. Everyone endeavors to be better off to expand the available resources so that they can satisfy more of their wants. In effect, they are getting higher education to pursue the high paid jobs. But this is not enough because the […]

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Importance of a laptop carrying case can not be snubbed!

Laptops have become the significant part of everyday life. It is widely used not only in business professionals but also in high schools. It involves huge investment and usually contains the essential, or at times confidential, data. In order to ensure the security of the laptop and its contents, laptop users buy a laptop case, […]

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Amazon Fire Phone – A Productivity Weapon

The Amazon Fire Phone was the biggest smartphone flop of the year 2014. The good news is this beautiful piece of hardware is available on the market at a quite economic price point. Listing the reasons why you should not buy this phone is boring. Instead, we are encouraging you to buy it and turn it […]