5 issues viral content sites causing in Pakistan

Since Pakistan does not have a history of creating catchy content and the viral content sites are rising in Pakistan we have no inspiration to create better more original content. Our influencers and top bloggers are straight away copying the western and Indian content creators or at least seem highly inspired by their content and ideas.

This lack of originality in the content ideas is causing many problems in the society and destroying our cultural and religious values since the content our people are copying is coming from across the border. We are listing some of the major problems being caused by the Pakistani viral content.

1, Making cussing a norm:
It seems like no viral video can go without curse words and slangs. The ones uttering them gets the limelight and they become famous overnight. It appears to be a win-win situation since the blog makes the money and people get to have the fun time and great laugh but as a society where do we stand morally if curse words have become our source of entertainment? Are we a low standard society?

2, Spreading shamelessness:
It is not a matter uncommon knowledge that content creators picked taboos as topics of their content to get more views and likes but it was years ago when it started. The phenomenon has evolved and a common youngster that consumes this content daily thinks it’s absolutely haraam for him to discuss these topics decently and discreetly since the viral content he sees all day on social media is feeding him the visual content of so-called bold women asking for sanitary pads and condoms loudly without any shame and since the rebel in this youngster is very much alive and kicking and he wants to prove himself to the world he becomes vocal about it in the same way. Now, we are not unaware of the problems women and men face when it comes to these topics and our society is not open-minded and educated enough to give them space so we emphasis on educating the society and encouraging the parents to discuss these matters with their children when they reach a certain age so that these natural phenomena do not take the shape of problems. Stop making these natural phenomena such taboos and create appropriate channels for your children to learn about such matters decently so when they grow up they don’t go around creating viral content sites and youtube channels and spread shamelessness and indecency as a reaction in the name of breaking the taboos.

3, Limiting the motivation of personal development:
It’s an unofficial tact of mass communication that whenever you are talking to masses you talk about things people can relate to so they feel a connection with you and your viral content sites and let your words in easily and become addicted to your content and in many cases click on your ads and call-to-action. It appears harmless but since whatever we read or watch shape up our opinions and thoughts so when we constantly see our wrong habits such as cellphone addiction, bad sleeping habits, cursing and etc  being glorified in the viral videos  we become comfortable with it and start considering it socially acceptable which limits our ability to improve and grow. It also makes us less tolerant towards anything that’s out of our comfort zone which in our mind is already socially acceptable place and we do not need to look beyond it.

4, Destroying our cultural values
Since most of the Pakistani viral content sites are heavily influenced by the other cultures whether it’s a vine, web series, prank video, social experiment or anything it’s rarely original and the ones we copy from brainstorm the ideas keeping their own culture in mind (Obviously) and most of the time even if they create videos which are perfectly acceptable in their culture it violates our cultural values.  As a nation, we need to preserve our own values instead of foolishly indoctrinating our own people to make some buck.

5, Glorifying the relationships before marriage
Since Pakistan is an Islamic state having relationships before marriage was never acceptable in Pakistan and It’s still not but people have started taking it lightly and the web content is presenting these relationships also in glorified and most beautiful of the ways while the couples we see in real life waste most of their college and university life dating and wasting time on phones and focus very little on studies and careers. Those who have been in more than one relationships says it’s better to get married than keeping a relationship for too long. Now we are not talking about those lucky few who managed to duck all the obstacles and managed to have each other and a great career as well but we are talking about the majority that’s being ruined because they think that relationships are actually the way they show in videos. and even if we do not condemn the relationships before marriage to please some readers we can’t deny the fact that such presentation of relationships gives false dreams, hopes, and expectations to young people that destroy their marriages later on in life.

We need to be a little responsible for the content we are creating. One video, One Blog post, One Audio on viral content sites reaches thousands of people on the internet and influence them in one way or another. If you agree please share this article with your friends and if you have anything to add up please use the comment box below.



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