Written by Fahad Lauhani


In our lives we have heard the word SYNDROME many times; usually it is placed with the most feared ailments. But here, I am trying to put my readers’ attention toward a different kind of Syndrome which, according to me, is mostly widely found and people living with it knowingly or unknowingly.

To understand it better, I want you to imagine a scenario, if Bill Gates suffered this syndrome, his biography would be like the following…

Bill Gates was born October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, he belonged to an upper middle class family, he got his basic education from well reputed educational institutions of his state, The day he graduated; he started dropping his C.V. to many multi-nationals and Blue-Chip companies. One fine morning he received an interview call from IBM, he had good but tough interview and he got selected, he was offered, 3 months probationary period. Bill worked pretty hard in those 3 months for peanut salary. Because of his valued work at IBM, he got a permanent job. So he started his 9 to 5 life at IBM, he served IBM with all his heart and soul and sometimes he found working late in office, when senior management is around, to get a promotion…

Well, one fine day his dream come true when he got promoted as a Manager of his department, he got 20% increment in his salary and got a small and fuel efficient car as IBM was “Going Green…” He worked on the same managerial position for many years, finally at age of 55; he got retire from IBM as Senior Manager. In those 30 years of his micro & soft career, he earned a wife and afterward 3 kids, a 250 yard house in a reputable society of Seattle, another fuel-efficient car which got a good re-sale value… As far as his bank balance is concern, nobody knows but we often heard him complaining about Inflation.

After his retirement, he stayed at home for about a year but soon after he joined a fund raising community for local church as he failed to bear the nagging of his daughter-in-law… The story continues…”

With all due apologies to Mr. Gates… I would like to ask the valued reader to, kindly stop reading for a while; take a look in your mind and in surrounding, how many people you know, living, in our society, the same life… Why I called it a Syndrome? As it is a part of your life and many quite similar things occurring a same time with of all us.

On a professional side, if we all are trying to be so smart and wise then why we sell our abilities to someone, who doesn’t even value them and buy them at a very cheap cost? Although, if we serve 10% of our energies to ourselves, in order to think whatever we can do best for ourselves and in the best interest of our families so in this way we might not follow others and not become a part of same Slavery Circle.

For past few years, I’s actively participating in activities, which are beneficial for our society, when I asked people around, no one agrees to help the nation, either they are too busy and tired in their 9 to 5 life or they blame the authorities, flatly refuse me by saying that you are doing wild goose chase and it’s all Bull-S**t…

We all are blessed with the knowledge and wisdom, so isn’t it our responsibility to serve the humanity or to do something for a good cause. I really appreciate and believe; “Earning your living by Right Way is equivalent to Worship.” I don’t oppose 9 to 5 jobs… But I’d like to raise a few questions…

  1. Every living being fights for its survival and strive to feed its family… if being Human you are only doing this then what separates you from the rest?

  2. I believe; “Human is created to serve the humanity and make this planet a better place to live.” Are we fulfilling the purpose of our creation and existence?

  3. Does knowledge and education teach us to be the slave for whole life?

  4. Now this world is facing many issues like; global warming, terrorism, poverty and many more… To solve those issues, is only the responsibility of United Nations and Government of respective countries? Where do we stand in saving the world and human race?

  5. Do we always blame others? At the Day of Judgment how you going to justify yourself, when He will ask about the Rights of People (Ibad)?

If this world is a Global Village then the Third World is our Neighbor.

-Fahad Lauhani

Lastly I would like to urge all of my readers that being employed or a part of living a 9 to 5 life… is simply not bad but it would be too bad if u simply take 9 to 5 as your life. At least, try to do something good for the country and country-men as, now, they really need you and rest is up to you.

Live Blessed and Aware…

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