Top Five Entrepreneurship Myths

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Written by Raza J. Chauhan

Ever since the rise of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, it has become a trend for university graduates or undergraduate youngster to be entrepreneurs. It gives a positive vibe to see all these youngsters coming up with innovative ideas and trying to make it big, but when we do a reality check most entrepreneurs lose the passion and drive to get ahead, right after the incubation period is over. If not so early, one year is the maximum time. We spoke to a lot of nine-to-five employed ex-entrepreneurs who once openly mocked nine-to-five lifestyle and from their thoughts and experiences, we have drawn a conclusion that they got into the start-up scene for all the wrong reasons. Their views helped us compile these top five entrepreneurship myths that one needs to overcome to validate the choice of being an entrepreneur.

1, Freedom from nine-to-five lifestyle
If you consider entrepreneurship an escape route from the nine-to-five lifestyle we are sorry to inform you that it is a myth. Nine-to-five is discipline and there’s no success without discipline. If someone is telling you that you wouldn’t need to work nine-to-five on your own start-up and you will be free to do whatever you want, be sure that this person has no clue what he or she is talking about. In reality, you actually end up working more than 15 – 16 hours a day and after a while, you realize that you need to have discipline in life to make it big so you get back to discipline which is nine-to-five.

2, Passion is the lifeblood of successful startups
You need to be passionate about your work to make it big in life but that’s not the sole reason why most famous entrepreneurs climbed the ladder to success. Passion is the driving force but experience, focus and the ability to wear many hats and learn things quickly, in the beginning, is what pushes you forward to be successful.

3, Entrepreneurship is for the misfits
Not at all. If you are a misfit for the field you are working in you need to look for something else that interests you more to be a fit one for the job and it shouldn’t necessarily be entrepreneurship because being a misfit can have many reasons that go down to a deep psychological level and if by any chance you are facing such issues just analyze your personality and try to find a purpose in life that you feel connected to before declaring yourself a born to be entrepreneur.

4, Entrepreneurship will get you rich quick
Yes, in a long run it is more beneficial and financially secure to have your own businesses than being at a job but it is not by any means a get-rich-quick scheme or idea. Not all entrepreneurs own Ferraris and big houses neither it’s a must that every start-up will become the next big thing. Reevaluate your plans and ideas before aiming for such a thing because in the journey to own all those luxuries this realization might take away all your motivation and drive.

5, Not getting your dream job guarantees your start-up success
You can find countless videos and stories online featuring a successful entrepreneur talking about how he got rejected from the largest organization on the planet and then he managed to earn his share of success through an idea. We often find ourselves in similar situations in life. We face unexpected rejection but this doesn’t guarantee a start-up success until we put all the hard work, determination and focus into it.

You may be the one who came to the world of entrepreneurship believing one of these myths but we do not mean to discourage or demotivate you by any means. You can still give your idea and direction a reality check and improve your strategy towards success. Our motive is to empower the young entrepreneurs and help them stay on track so be sure that whatever you do, you do it for the right reasons.

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