What Employees Hate About their Bosses

Written by Fahad Lauhani

You started in a firm, you have grown much and it is quite fantastic to be THE BOSS. Everybody loves to be in authority, but I love the Uncle Ben’s line in Spider-Man; “with great power comes great responsibility”. Sometimes our dearest yet snobby bosses forgot while drunk with power, they just simply hurt the motivation and self-esteem of their most valuable resources, commonly known as Human Resource.

Here are some things your employees, would simply hate you;

1. Your Bad Mood, Contaminate the Entire Office:

If you are a boss, you had a quarrel with your wife or girlfriend, or your parent insulted you. It is alright everyone can have a bad start of the day, but it is not necessary that you should end your day on a bad note. Your employees seriously have nothing to do with that your bad mood should not ruin the anyone, basic ethics… Right?

2. Your Lack of Recognition and Appreciation seriously demotivates the employees:

When your employee put up a great effort, it is imperative to recognize and appreciate the work, if you don’t really appreciate the work it will simply lower down the motivation of your workforce. At the end, it is really our loss.

3. When you don’t communicate appropriately. Having data in your mind isn’t useful

In case I’m taking a shot at something, you must give me all the data. Kindly don’t keep things down with the goal that you can contribute as well. Enable me to carry out my activity and let me know everything that I must know. Very late astonishments are not something worth being thankful for!

4. When you take all the credit for my work

It’s my work and my thought so give me the kudos for it. It’s not an indication of shortcoming, in reality, it’s an incredible inverse. Assuming the acknowledgment for my work is central to bamboozling and we are instructed not to do this at school. It makes me not believe you, and in future, all I need to do is abstain from offering anything to you by any stretch of the imagination. This is not the best approach to get the best out of me. Rather, tell the world exactly how astounding your group is!

5. If you insult or criticize your employee in public and you appreciate in Email… Not Fair

Acclaim is extraordinary. We cherish it. Be that as it may, not by email. Of course, on the off chance that we are not in a similar office or you truly need to catch the occasion, appreciate in public it will leave a good vibe in your office.

6. When you give me work to do, and asking me updates every minute

In case you will appoint a comment, enable me also. Give me all the data I require and a chance to check in and examine it with you, however then abandon me to it. It’s not useful to have somebody investigating your shoulder. Give me the space to take care of business.

7. Favoritism seriously hurts the morale of your workforce

Favoritism surely the hurts the morale of your workforce, it will simply eliminate the chances of other employees to spread their wing or go an extra mile for you and imagine your favorite one, ditches you someday, what you are going to do?

8. Treating Employees like Robots:

A little heads up call; your employees are human that is why they are referred as the human resource. If you treat them like robots or numbers, they will simply diminish away soon.

9. Being an Egomaniac will ruin you:

It’s said to leave your ego otherwise the world will leave you, so it is advisable to bosses, set your ego aside, give respect to your employees and get respect plus performance at the end.

10. Not giving respect to others’ opinion:

It is rightfully said, the lion doesn’t lose his sleep over the opinion of sheep. Keep that fact in the mind that your employees are not your sheep, they are a valuable resource you have.

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