Amazon Fire Phone – A Productivity Weapon

The Amazon Fire Phone was the biggest smartphone flop of the year 2014. The good news is this beautiful piece of hardware is available on the market at a quite economic price point. Listing the reasons why you should not buy this phone is boring. Instead, we are encouraging you to buy it and turn it into a productivity weapon. Find out how.

We replaced almost every default application on the phone with a better alternative app. The purpose was to extend the battery life, performance, and productivity.

Steps to turn the Amazon Fire Phone into a productivity weapon


Sideload Google Play Store

Follow this simple tutorial on sideloading google play on your fire phone. You might want to install ES File Explorer beforehand. Google play store will help you with the hassle-free installation of other applications.

Google Now launcher

It gives you a better home screen, widgets, extended battery life and better performance. This launcher has Google Now preset as a home screen widget to give you information cards. The cards based on your subscribed interests.

Google now launcher - Amazon Fire Phone

Note: The Google Now Launcher is dependent on Google Now app. Do not forget to install it beforehand.

 Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Android devices do not have a better alternative for office applications. We preferred them because of the multi-platform support and better connectivity with the Google Drive.

Google docs - Amazon fire phone

True Caller

Assist you with the search and identification of unknown phone numbers and blocks unwanted calls too

True Caller - Amazon fire phone

True Caller Dialer

It is much smarter than your phone’s default dialer. Since it is a product of true caller it identifies unknown numbers while you are dialing them. Isn’t it super amazing?

True dialer - Amazon Fire Phone

True Messenger

It has a spam blocking feature and a database of spam numbers reported by people from your area. You can block text messages from any unwanted numbers with ease.

truemessenger - Amazon fire phone

Google Keyboard

The spelling errors on emails and text messages are not acceptable. They kill your image and makes you appear silly and careless. The default keyboard of Amazon Fire Phone is not as bad but we still prefer Google Keyboard because of its quick responsive nature.

Google-Keyboard - Amazon fire phone

Google Keep

It is one of the best tools to take notes and save them to the cloud to be accessible on every device. Most users prefer Evernote for that purpose but our aim is to provide free-for-life tools. You can go for Evernote if it fulfills your needs better.

google-keep - Amazon Fire Phone

Chrome Browser

Being able to keep your bookmarks and browser history handy is a blessing. It’s one the most powerful browser for personal computers and handheld devices. You can ditch the default Silk Browser of Amazon Fire Phone any day for Google Chrome.

Chrome - Amazon fire phone


Google Drive

At least, by now you already have enough reasons to install it. Don’t you?

google drive - Amazon fire phone

Google Calendar

It has a neat and clear way to show your monthly agenda and several different views on your schedule. It also has a user-friendly and much lively interface to keep your life organized with ease.

Google calendar - Amazon fire phone

Google Maps

The default app for maps on Amazon Phone is not as efficient and lack support for many countries. Google maps are the best available in the store with the great support of almost every country.
Google maps - Amazon fire phone

Inbox by Google

Though the Gmail app is perfect for all your needs, you might want to try Inbox too. It has a Google Calendar like the interface and a more organized way to show emails and ignore spam. We prefer Inbox over Gmail and default Amazon Email app.

inbox-by-gmail - Amazon fire phone

Since the alternative apps are installed, feel free to disable the default apps from the application settings.

List of default applications you want to disable.

  • Phone
  • Email (Google account will be removed too)
  • Calendar
  • Wallet (Optional)
  • Silk Browser
  • Docs
  • Appstore (Optional)
  • Notes
  • Messaging


If you just followed along and loving the whole new experience of your Amazon Fire Phone. Share this tutorial now.

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