No More Brand Accounts On Social Media Platforms

Digital marketing and B2B lead generation are often considered to be a piece of cake by the beginners. Most of them think that it is as easy as creating brand accounts on social media and posting viral content two hundred times in one hour, which in layman terms is considered spamming.

Channel planning, brand voice, content strategy are the words completely alien to them all they know about is looking for the new social media platforms to create their brand accounts on to shove their name down potential clients’ throats. If you are starting a new business or even if you have established social media presence you might not want to consider creating more brand accounts on other social networks. Here’s why.

Your brand’s presence on every social media platform can be bad for business

That’s right! The number of hours and budget it takes to build a strong presence on any platform should return at least the half of it but if you consider the stats at least two of your brand accounts must be taking more time, efforts and money then they are worth.

What’s the solution?
We are giving you three key points to consider before creating another brand account.

1. Analyze and research your target market

As an established business you must have discovered your niche or the target market but if you are a beginner, please add this one to your to-do list on top priority because that should be the first thing to consider before creating the brand accounts on social media platforms. If your target market uses the platform check the stats, if the number is high do not wait and create your brand account. But if the number is not too high or even average… ditch it!

2. Does the platform offer the appropriate features to promote your brand?

It is an important one. Not every brand needs a presence on Instagram because they do not have many graphical contents to show or they simply do not offer services or the product that might interest the Instagram audience.

3. Look for your competitors account on the platform.

First, find yourself some competitors with proven track record in making sensible decisions and see what kind of efforts and money they are investing on the platform. If they are investing more than just minimal then do your research right cause you are missing something.

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