Facebook’s Friend Request Feature. (Good News)

There is a good news for people who receive too many unwanted friend requests. Facebook has introduced an amazing friend request feature to save you time that you spend on deleting unwanted requests. As per this new feature, all the unaccepted friend requests will be deleted automatically after 14 days.

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Facebook has introduced a new feature. All the pending friend requests will be deleted automatically after 14 days. According to the details, Facebook is not only one of the largest social networks in Pakistan but it is also accepted as one of the worlds few largest social networks. The usage of Facebook is not only limited to connecting family and friends but it is also being used for commercial purposes.

Recently Facebook was accused of selling users private data to other companies for remarketing and commercial purposes and Facebook is still not out of the mess but still, they are launching more and more features to facilitate the users. Now since Facebook has introduced this amazing new feature for people who receive a number of unwanted friend requests we are hoping they will feel at peace and save some time they spend on deleting the friend requests. All you have to do is just wait for a few months since the feature is still under testing, but don’t worry it will be live soon.

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